Thursday, 6 September 2007

Weather with you

Having just returned from an extremely relaxing break in Italy, it’s been remarkable totting up the number of texts I had from people moaning about the weather in Blightly. Apparently it hasn’t been all that wonderful.

Now to me, the idea of texting someone on holiday who’s clearly going to be having better weather borders on the masochistic. (In case you’re interested, it was 35+ most of the time). After all, the likely outcome is a text that reads something along the lines of “Sorry to hear it’s still raining. Weather here is amazing and we’re feeling very relaxed. See you soon.”

But it does serve to remind me once again of our obsession with weather. Given the increasing frequency of severe weather occurrences (which I think is the euphemism), I shall look forward to even more texts will I’m out of the country in the future.

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