Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Like a kid in a sweetshop

It’s been many years since I felt this excited.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Paris to watch England play South Africa in the World Cup and I can hardly contain myself. I’ve already written three lists to make sure I don’t forget anything although quite why it takes that many lists for a three day trip is beyond me. Put it down to what feels like ‘night before Christmas’ excitement.

All of this is exaggerated by the fact that I’m heading to Paris with my best mate. He hasn’t been let off the leash for some months since he recently became a father for the second time. The idea of a two night sojourn to Paris with someone that knows me inside out and which also encompasses a game of rugby is almost too much pleasure.

This is piqued still further by the fact that it’s the Rugby World Cup – an event that takes place just once every four years and which may not return to Europe until 2019 by which time I’ll be too old to care and certainly to old to have two nights on the beers.

Further updates as they happen…

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Cloud said...

Hi there,
I fell on your blog by chance when checking on "midlife crisis" - I guess that is what I caught lately and wondering how to get rid of that "disease" as fast as possible. Too bad you did not update your blog, made me smile, so that is already a good medicin. Thanks. In case you keep another blog somewhere, let me know.
Hope you got cured in the meantime.
Take care