Friday, 6 July 2007

Music to my ears

Those that know me will wholeheartedly agree with the comment that I have pretty lousy taste in music. It could hardly be much else when the last gig I went to was the Rolling Stones. That might carry kudos in some quarters but the fact that it was the Wheels of Steel tour in 1990 or thereabouts probably tells its own story.

Now the reason I mention this is that for some time now, I’ve had a hideous feeling that I’m not just getting old but that I am already old – a thought driven by how little I seem to know about the contemporary music scene. Or what the ‘kids’ are listening to. Sure, I listen to the radio but I’m not sure that Radio FiveLive is really going to help improve my musical education. Nor do I think the occasional blast of Heart FM is going to make much difference.

The point of all is this that I work close to the Astoria and a quick look at today’s line up confirms my worst fears. Who on earth are Skinny Puppy? Or BAJM? They sound more like brands of alco-pops than proper bands. Is Hellogoodbye really the name of a band or a witty reply to one of my worse chat up lines?

It’s yet more confirmation – if any were needed – that while middle age doesn’t officially begin until 40, I’ve been happily wallowing in it for some time.


Dominic said...

I hope that's the last time you accuse me of listening to 'soft rock' on my PC...

The Admiral said...

Don't sweat it Mark. This only matters if you buy into the notion that there is "cool" music and "non-cool" music. In fact there is just music you like and music you don't. Maybe the benefit of middle age is realising that its only insecure adolescents (and insecure permanent adolescents) that give a shit. There is more to life than worrying about whether the Arctic Monkeys are cool anymore because they have had mainstream success, or whether smock tops were "in" last week but "out" this week.

Pull on a pair of slacks with an elasticated waistband, turn up the Whitesnake and pour yourself a nice sherry. Then turn in for an early night.